Nurses Recruitment

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Known to be a temporary home for medically treated patients, a Skilled Nursing Facilities are staffed with trained professionals. They provide daily assistance, from simple activities of dressing up the patients, to more medical tasks like wounded care. 

Skilled Nursing Inc. aims to provide these skilled health professionals to different Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our nurses and other health practitioners are trained to thrive in an environment that is calm and comfortable, which is perfect for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

You Found a Good Skilled Nursing Facility if:

  • it has a relaxing and compassionate environment
  • it offers 24 hours a day assistance to help the patients with what they need
  • it provides amenities that enhance comfort and to speed up recovery
  • it has licensed physician, trained nurses and efficient practitioners that can provide therapy services

Why our Nurses and Practitioners for your Nursing Facility?

SNI has 38 experience in healthcare staffing, we know how to select the best nurses and practitioners all over the country. Our registered nurses and nurse practitioners went through a rigorous credentialing process until becoming part of our nursing agency.

As proof of our credibility, here are some of the testimonials of our clients who experienced our dedication and hard work first hand. That’s why if you are looking for registered nurses and nurse practitioners for your Skilled Nursing Facility, SNI is always ready to provide you with excellence.